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CSV Format Introduction

CSV is SubmitCase Transaction Standard's backward compatibility format. While it is recommended to use the XML-RPC format , we recognize that it is easier for some law firms prefers to submit their cases in plain text file. CSV is a widely used text file format to exchange data between different systems. Most people are familiar with CSV format, and it can be created us spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. A detail CSV specification can be found here. Some example CSV data can also be viewed here.

If your uses a custom file format (such as Fix Length File Format or TAB Delimited File Format), please contac us. We can accommodate such format as well.

Communicate with the SubmitCase Gateway using CSV format

Step1. Create File
Create a CSV file based on the transaction you want to make (currently only upload process is available to CSV Format, other transaction are only available to XML-RPC Format) You can view all available transactions offered by the SubmitCase Transaction Standard here

Step2. Submit Data
Below are two ways to submit data to our system.

1. Using a browser (Manual).

Login at

Click on "Submit Batch Cases" at the Dashboard Screen as shown below.

Click "Browse" to locate the CSV file created in Step 1, select a process service company from the drop-down menu and click "Import".

2. Send via a HTTP POST request to the a URL (Automated. Require some programming on the law firm end.)
For security purpose the actual URL is not published to the public. The URL will be provide by us once you contact us.

The HTTP POST needs to contain the following three fields:

username: username associated with the law firm. This information will be provided by us.
password: password associated with the law firm username
csv: The text value of CSV file created on step 1.


How to create CSV file?

It depend on the type of database or software you are using. Most software such as Microsoft Access, File Maker Pro already offer a way to export the data into CSV. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.