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SubmitCase Transaction Standard Technical Specifications

Below are technical specifications for the SubmitCase Transaction standards. The information below are intended for the technical staff at the law firms. Feel free to contact us if you or the attorneys have any questions.

Click here to view a list of status code used to describe status of the process and service info.

Please Chose Your Transaction Format

1. XML-RPC (Recommended Format)

General Overview | XML File Layout | Download Samples

For attorneys with large volumes, complex needs and wish to retrieve scanned affidavit in batch volumes.

2. CSV (Comma Separated Value Text File)

General Overview | CSV File Layout | Download Samples

For attorneys who do not wish to import data in XML. Note: attorney will NOT be able to retrieve scanned affidavits with CSV. XML is required to retrieve image (GIF, JPG, PNG) or PDF files.

3. Custom Attorney File Format

Please contact us if your clients has a custom file format.

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