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SubmitCase Gateway

Welcome to the next generation of process serving! SubmitCase Gateway allows attorneys to electronically submit hundreds and thousands of jobs to your system with a click of a button. This will save you hundreds of hours of data entry man power, and reduces unavoidable humane typing errors. The gateway can also offer your clients to export service info, scanned affidavits, billing statement and transmit court filing electronically once the court is ready to receive E-Filing. .


SubmitCase Transaction Standard

SubmitCase Gateway uses SubmitCase Transaction Standard to transmit cases between attorneys and process servers. This standard can accommodate a wide variety of process such summons, turn over, petition, service info retrieval, etc. The standard is a join effect of many attorneys and process servers. It is file format open to the public domain. This ensures that your data will never be locked in, but we are confident that you won't find a better process service software.


E-Filing Ready Guarantee

The SubmitCase Transaction Standard is an excellent preparation for E-Filing. Most likely, your current data is not in a format that is flexible enough for E-Filing. The SubmitCase Transaction Standard is designed by attorneys, process servers and top industry database designers to be flexible and versatile enough to accommodate even the most complex scenarios (e.g. summons to turn-over with multiple defendants). When the courts make the official announcement to switch to E-Filing, we will guarantee all your cases will be E-Filing ready or we will refund your money.

SubmitCase Transaction Standard you not only save time and money, but it is also an excellent future investment for your company. Contact us today to learn how easy it is for you to start using this public standard.

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