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Advantages of our software

  1. Stop answering calls inquiring about case status.
    Let your clients check their case status on the web whenever they want, so you can focus on what you do best, serving process.
  2. Real-time case status update.
    Whenever you make a change in the system it is updated online automatically. No messy export files and syncing with another system are required. All your changes are made in one system, one time, just how it should be.

  3. Universal to all platform; no bloated software to install.
    No software upgrade, no complicated network to setup, no security patch needed to apply to your software. Access your system through a browser from anywhere, and you will always have the latest and most up-to-date version.
  4. Automatic Job Organization By Status
    From the moment a job is created its' status is automatically tracked whenever changes are made. You can always check out one of job status, New Cases,
  5. Todo List Dashboard
    The Dashboard/Home page screen is automatically updated with the latest stattics of your process serving business, such as 90, 21, 14 days uncompleted jobs, jobs that needs to be billed, cases without index number, etc. It is a bascially a warning or todo list for your whole business. The system keeps track of these so you have an easy over view of your business without thinking about it. Custom warning list build to suit your business is avilabe upon request.
  6. One Barcode Rules Them All
    Almost all important transaction can be tracked via barcode. For example, when a batch of cases are filed in a particular court, a coversheet with a barcode is generated for that batch. Later all cases belongs to that batch can be pull up by scanning the barcode on the coversheet. This is a greatway to track batches of paper work with just one barcode.
  7. Barcode Billing
    Use barcode gun to scan the affidavit and bill them by the batch.
  8. User Defined Custom Reports and Search (Avilable to export to Excel)
    Create your own report. Search any fields you want, chose the columns you want to display on the report. The report can be printed or export to a spreadsheet such as Excel.
  9. Unlimited User Accounts
  10. Risk Free Switching
    All packages comes with a 60 days risk-free money back guarantee. At anytime you can cancel your package, and you and your clients will always have access to you data. Nor do you have to worry that about your data locked into our system, because you can export all your data into Excel spreadsheet or XML using our SCTS (SubmitCase Transaction Standard) whenever you want. Why are we doing this? Because we are so confident that you will enjoy using our software that you won't want to switch to another software. There is no risk to use, so why wait? Sign-up today.
  11. No data backups to worry about.
    Our system runs on RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) setup, which means your data is stored simultaneously on two hard drives simultaneously. So you can be sure that your data is secure and safe.

  12. Direct interface with law firm's system.
    The system is interfaced with large law firms to allow real-time interaction. Firms such as Mel S. Harris can send thousands of cases to you instantaneously with just a click of a button from their system. This can reduce your staff's data-entry time significantly. Many other transactions such as service info requests, billing, payment and abeyance can also be performed through our interface. This feature is invaluable to clients who need to hold a job in case of arbitration or defendant bankruptcy.

  13. Batch file import.
    For attorney without direct interface, we also offer a batch file format to import thousands of cases with one text file.

  14. No more paper archiving; access scanned affidavit online.
    Once you have attached a copy of a scanned affidavit to the job, you and your clients can access it online at any time. You don't have to look through mountains of paper when the court subpoenas an old affidavit.

  15. No crashes to worry about.
    Because our software is browser based, it will not crash. You never have to worry about losing your data to untimely computer crash or power outages. No matter what happens, your data will be safe in our data warehouse.

  16. No data archiving necessary.
    Don't you hate having to archive your old cases regularly? Is pulling up your old case files a hassle? With our system you never have to do worry about data archiving. Our enterprise data warehouse is similar to what is used by Fortune 500 companies. So you can retrieve even your oldest cases all in one place.

  17. Batch billing and electronic billing.
    Built in billing modules allows you to batch bill and invoice hundreds of cases with just a click of a button. In addition, the system allows you to create statements for already invoiced cases. And your clients can access their invoice and billing statements online 24/7.

  18. Batch payroll.
    Batch assign and pay process server commissions according to server, county, zip, document type and service type.

  19. Accurate affidavit-checking.
    Our software has a series of comprehensive validation systems that prevent you or your staff from making common mistakes. Every affidavit is validated according to a set of criteria required by New York State law (other states can be easily incorporated) including but not limited to date/time served, description of person served, nail and mail attempts, etc., ensuring that no crucial information is overlooked. This system reduces the chance of common human error that can cause later problems in court.

  20. Work ticket/Work sheet/Field sheet on Palm Pilot or on the web.
    Our system allows your process server to enter their work online or through a palm pilot. This can significantly reduce data entry done by your staff. The process server will only be able to modify jobs that are assigned to them, and they will not be able to modify those jobs once they are completed.

  21. Outsource jobs electronically to third party companies.
    Cut down on your mailing cost by outsourcing jobs electronically to other process service companies. At your invitation, third party companies log in to your system and print out the same affidavit used by you. They can only modify jobs that are assigned to them, and are unable to modify those jobs once they are completed.

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